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Verity’s Sunset

This March Into May Writing Challenge has been amazing! Not only was I able to bring out Oblivion’s Kiss, but I also ran another short story, Verity’s Sunset – a romance about a high school photographer who meets a spunky, outspoken student and they begin a quest to find the perfect sunset together.

You can find it here:

Just like Verity’s perfect sunset, the writing challenge is about to close. I will be sending badges to everyone who participated shortly. I hope your writing, journaling, poetry, word pictures, or however you chose to engage your talents and imagination, has been enriching and rewarding.

Until next time, Scribe On!

Home Stretch

We are now half-way through the March Into May Writing Challenge. What a month it has been!

I know that life may be throwing you a number of curveballs right now, so do your absolute best to make it to the end of every day. But don’t give up on your dreams, either.

If you haven’t been able to write, journal, sketch or anything else, we completely understand. But when you have the time, Scribe On!

March Into May Writing Challenge Update

Thank you to everyone who is participating in the Challenge. As you know we are only one month into this. But I wanted to give you an update on my own progress.

When I started on March 1st I had a short story in mind, Oblivion’s Kiss. I had already created a cover (that’s how I encourage myself) and a rough idea. Now, thanks to the challenge, it is available to read on Amazon. But I didn’t stop there.

I have a project that I have been working on, the sequel to the Mage Destinies. I had a lot written, but these last few weeks, I have been writing and rewriting, erasing and revising. As of right now, I have 28 thousand words. I have a feeling this one may be longer than the original.

So, right now I am writing a death scene. (Spoiler Alert) Here it comes. If you don’t want to know skip this paragraph. Tom’s mother succumbs to her cancer. This is a difficult passage for me because my Dad is not in the best of health right now.

So, keep on writing. If you are locked indoors, this is a good time to write. If you are a healthcare worker, you may not have time to write, but if you want to record some quick thoughts, try using Google Docs. You can access your files from your home computer, your phone, your tablet.

I chose March through May because it is the most difficult time to write to encourage other writers not to give up. I had no idea exactly how difficult it would be.

Don’t give up. Keep the faith. Hang in there. And Scribe On.

Free Book Giveaway

Oblivion’s Kiss, my paranormal romance short story, will be available free on Amazon for Kindle March 24-25.

If you love reading the written form, it is also available for sale on Amazon.

Now, I am working toward finishing The Mage Destinies Part 2

School Out? Take the Challenge

Dear Parents,

I am Brett Galen, author of The Mage Destinies, and Mysteries of the Dark books. In March, I started a writing challenge open to anyone who wished to be a part. March through May are some of the busiest times for writers, parents, students, well, pretty much everyone but Santa Claus. This challenge was intended to keep writers writing. National Novel Writing Month is November and many people don’t finish their projects. Then they make a New Year’s Resolution to write more, then don’t.

I originally intended this writing challenge to be about getting back on the horse and staying on it, so to speak, even if only for a few minutes a day, with a small community of enthusiastic writers to encourage and aid whenever possible. But with recent events with the CoVid-19 scare, you may be looking for enrichment opportunities with your children. Might I suggest allowing your children to participate in the challenge?

There are no submissions. There are no grades. Only encouragement. All we ask is that you keep us posted by using the hashtag #MarchToMay on Facebook or Twitter. I have a badge for anyone who participates, but we need to see participation. Like I said, no submissions. A typical post might be, “#MarchToMay Staying the course. I’ve finished all my journal writings this week! Feels wonderful to continue writing.” or “Okay, thirteen pages down this week. I just know my story is going to be amazing. Just one question. My hero seems too strong. How do I make her feel more relatable? #MarchToMay”

That’s all. Nothing more.

We want to be a writing community. We want to help writers of all ages do better, write more, go farther. So, please consider allowing your child to participate. It will be a rewarding experience.

Scribe On!

46 Days Left

There are only 46 days left in the March Into May Writing Challenge. But that’s still 16 more days than NaNoWriMo!

It’s okay if you don’t produce the next Twilight. Really. Just keep writing. With school and work and spring break, this is the time when we write the least. I chose this time because so many people give up on their dreams and don’t even try again until November.

You have thoughts you want to journal. You have poems you want to complete. You have worlds you want to build. So…..scribe on.

How Are You Doing?

I thought I’d take a moment and ask you how you are doing on your March Into May Writing Challenge? Having a hard time getting started? Halfway through?

It has only been a week since we started this challenge together. As of right now, I haven’t had any updates from those who have taken up the banner. But that’s okay. Hopefully you are so busy writing that you don’t have time to say much.

Don’t forget to get your rest. Your amazing brain doesn’t like to run on empty. So eat well, sleep well, and I hope to hear from you soon.

A Little Inspiration

For the March Into May Writing Challenge I decided to write a little word picture. It’s kind of like a mixture between poetry and a short story. So, what are you working on?

You by Brett Galen

From the day you were born I saw you

Your eyes, your face, your little hands and feet

Your tiny tummy and your small round face

I couldn’t stop looking at you

When you started walking I watched you

What you started touching, where you explored

What captured your attention, what you wanted

I couldn’t stop looking after you

When you started school I kept up with you

Your grades, your friends, your skills

What you started making, how you began growing

I couldn’t stop watching you

When you started driving I trusted you

Where you went, who you spent time with

What you listened, watched, enjoyed

I secretly kept up with you

When you began living on your own I wondered about you

Were you eating, sleeping, staying warm

How you spent your money, your time, how you used your talents

I wanted to find out about you

Now I am unable to care for myself I need you

I want to keep looking at you

I want to keep listening to you 

I want to keep talking to you

I love


What Should I Write?

If you have joined the March Into May Writing Challenge, the first step is to pick your story. But sometimes your heart isn’t in your current story. Or maybe you’ve been wanting to write poetry, or songs, or word pictures. You may have wanted to start journaling. But what should you write.

It doesn’t matter, just write.

I know, I know. That’s too simple. Well…yes it is. It is too simple. But sometimes that’s exactly where we need to start.

You want to write poetry? Start writing. It doesn’t matter if it is in Iambic Pentameter. It doesn’t matter if it symbolizes anything. The truth is, some people make things TOO complicated and ruin enjoyable things for the rest of us.

Okay, so you may not be the next Maya Angelou. So what? Why not be the first you? But to do that you have to find out what you are good at. And to do that, you have to write.

Write. If it’s junk, then it’s junk. But once in a while you will see something amazing come from your writing, something you are proud of, something that feels like….you. So, write.

In the coming days I will post ideas on everything from poetry to word pictures to stories to novels. Maybe I can help. Maybe you can help me.

So the question. What should you write? Grab a keyboard or a pencil and let’s find out.

I’m rooting for you.

I Commit

I stated before that I would commit to a project and lead by letting you know exactly what I’m working on. Okay, it’s called Oblivion’s kiss. That is all!