I am a forty-ish guy who lives in Mississippi and writes stories. I work in sales in order to put bread on the table at the home where I live with my amazing wife and three kids. I have a Masters Degree in Education and I have taught for a few years before circumstances took me in a new direction. I (sort of) play the piano and have written songs and poems, absolutely none of which I have or will ever publish.

Right now, I am fixated on owning a Volkswagen Beetle. If my book sales ever reach high enough to buy a working Beetle without too much rust, I will know I have finally made it as an author.

I have a Mission as a writer. I don’t want to become a novelist. Novels are stories that, on the surface, are interesting enough but are filled with underlying symbolism and political and social rhetoric. I don’t know about you, but I go to books because I’m tired of the constant bombardment of political and social rhetoric. So, I want to be a writer of stories, whether they be straightforward or even a little twisted, that take my readers on a journey.

Something that is also important to me. I want my books to be clean. You will not find cursing or sexual content in my books. Ever. I don’t want my stories to be the kind you hide on the top shelf, but the ones you leave on the lower shelves.

So, thank you for interest in my page and welcome to my worlds….

Feel free to find me on Facebook under BrettGalen