Readers! I am writing a story and I need your help.

I am really considering serializing this story and letting YOU, the readers, choose the ending. That’s right. But, I need to know that there is enough interest to do this.

I need any combination of 100 likes or shares on my Facebook Page . Once we hit that number I will begin releasing one chapter a week on until we get to the last chapter. Then I will ask you, the readers, to make a choice that will affect the outcome of the story. Based on your own votes, which will happen on Facebook, I will release the chapter with the most votes on this website while the second choice gets deleted from my hard drive.

The story will be a clean Young Adult Romance with more than a few twists and turns. The final copy will be available for purchase on Amazon.

This is your chance to affect the outcome of a story. The story’s name?
Desiree’s Chance

One last question. How will I know that you are liking and sharing?

1. Either come to the original post on Facebook under the name Brett Galen and like or share it or

2. Write a post on your own Facebook page telling me “I’m IN!” using the hashtag #desireechance

To let you know, I already have four chapters ready to go. So let’s start this Sunday Sept 26th and keep posting and sharing. By Next Sunday, Oct 4th at 3 pm Central time, I will begin counting. If we make 100 likes, shares, or original posts with hashtags, I will upload the first chapter Tuesday, Oct 6th here on

So, what do you say? Want to read a story where you make the most important decision of all? Start sharing! Remember to share the original post. I look forward to releasing this story.

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