Hillary picked up her favorite doll and placed her gently at the small table in the middle of her bedroom. “You want a drink?” she asked the doll then pretended to fill the small pink plastic tea cup in front of her.

She pranced around her room bringing other stuffed animals and dolls to join the tea party, making certain to give each a sip from a tea cup. “You want cookies?” she asked the small group. Without waiting for an answer she began inserting pretend cookies into the mouths of her inanimate guests.

From her closet a small, quiet voice called out, “Hello?”

Startled, Hillary ran into the living room where her mother sat quietly reading a book. “Mommy, somebody’s in my closet.”

Alarmed, Hillary’s mother jumped from the couch and hurried into her daughter’s room. Flinging open the closet, she looked at the hanging clothes and shoes that littered the small walk-in. Breathing a sigh of relief, she picked up a small stuffed lion, looked at her daughter, then at the make-shift tea party. “Hillary, don’t scare me like that. When you are playing tea party, you have to let me know that you are pretending.” She placed the lion at the table then returned to her reading.

Hillary sat in the floor playing, talking to her dolls. “Hello?” came a voice from the closet.

Immediately, she got up from the floor and ran to her mother, “Mommy, the pu-tend is in my closet.”

Hillary’s mother sighed and looked up from her book. “Thank you. Now run along and play.”

Hillary returned to her bedroom and sat on her bed, her eyes fixed on the closed closet door.

“Hello?” the voice repeated. “Is anyone there?”

“I am.” Hillary responded.

“Oh, good. I need some help. I’m stuck. Could you help me?”

Hillary ran to her mother. “Mom, the pu-tend is stuck.”

Exasperated her mother lowered her book. “Hillary Kathleen Davison, I am trying to relax and read my book. Please, just play by yourself for a few minutes and let Mommy have some calm-down time.” Then she went back to reading her book.

Hillary stood there looking at her mother, then walked back to her bedroom. She went to the closet door and said, “Mommy said no.”

The voice in the closet repeated, “Please. I need your help.”

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