I got my first really bad review this week. Yep. It finally happened. Now I know that I am a real author, I have a hater!

Of course, I am playing this off a little, but I thought it was a great opportunity to explain how I see reviews.

Many people like things but never leave a review. They never explain how they feel about potato chips, colas, comforters, etc. on the product page. If they like it, they tell their friends.

Reviews are for people who have a very emotional connection or reaction to the product that they feel needs to be heard by more people. This can go very well or very badly. But knowing that you’ve made a strong emotional connection to a reader is something writers long for, good or bad, because it allows writers to experience feedback. Real, honest, feedback.

I am not happy with my review, don’t get me wrong. I want to explain, correct, and rebut a few things, but I won’t. Not here. Not anywhere. Why? Because regardless of the content of the review, it is still a connection to a reader. Not a good one, but a real one. And in my world of make believe characters and plots, it’s what I value most.

Scribe on!

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