Today marks the anniversary of Sally Ride’s launch into space. Think about it, strapping yourself into a tiny capsule and sitting on a controlled explosion and escaping the atmosphere to float effortlessly in space.

I know we all wish we could escape the hardships of our world and have nothing weighing us down. But Sally didn’t just hitch a ride into outer space to float. She left the earth to continue her work as a physicist. In particular, she operated the robotic arm, releasing satellites into specialized orbits.

The truth is everyone has things going on in their lives that weigh them down. And from others’ perspectives, maybe things seem a little better – the grass always seems greener on the other side. But, we’ve all got a job to do. We’ve all got people counting on us. We can’t just float around, there are kids we need to teach. There are parents we need to assist. There are neighbors we need to help.

It’s okay to reach for the stars, as long as you remember that there’s still work to do.

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