Following the incredible response I’ve received from Verity’s Sunset, I thought you might like to know what’s next…

Lately, I have been trying my hand at different genres. I still have projects in the works, (my mind looks like a junkyard with all my projects). Just to let you know what I am working on.

Endless Summer Romance – I have a story I am playing around with called Desiree’s Chance. It’s about two co-workers and a new dating app. Too much to say here. I expect I’ll have it out in about a month.

The Mage Destinies 2 – Boy did I step into it here. How do you follow up such a successful story, by telling Petunia’s story of identity exploration. And what is Bradley up to…..?

The Stranded – A story that I started and trashed then started then trashed and now it doesn’t look anything like it did when I started, um, the first time. Futuristic thriller, a new attempt for me, which means I need to work on a new writing style.

Mysteries of the Dark 3 – A collection of Twilight Zone type short stories that are entertaining and perplexing.

And my personal project, one that is dear to my heart – Applesauce. (Shhhhh!!!!! Don’t tell them about that one!) Oh, um, just ignore that last one. (hee, hee)

I hope you will join me for the ride. It may take a bit to get some of these to market, but I hope you will enjoy them.

Thank you all for your support.

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