Dear Parents,

I am Brett Galen, author of The Mage Destinies, and Mysteries of the Dark books. In March, I started a writing challenge open to anyone who wished to be a part. March through May are some of the busiest times for writers, parents, students, well, pretty much everyone but Santa Claus. This challenge was intended to keep writers writing. National Novel Writing Month is November and many people don’t finish their projects. Then they make a New Year’s Resolution to write more, then don’t.

I originally intended this writing challenge to be about getting back on the horse and staying on it, so to speak, even if only for a few minutes a day, with a small community of enthusiastic writers to encourage and aid whenever possible. But with recent events with the CoVid-19 scare, you may be looking for enrichment opportunities with your children. Might I suggest allowing your children to participate in the challenge?

There are no submissions. There are no grades. Only encouragement. All we ask is that you keep us posted by using the hashtag #MarchToMay on Facebook or Twitter. I have a badge for anyone who participates, but we need to see participation. Like I said, no submissions. A typical post might be, “#MarchToMay Staying the course. I’ve finished all my journal writings this week! Feels wonderful to continue writing.” or “Okay, thirteen pages down this week. I just know my story is going to be amazing. Just one question. My hero seems too strong. How do I make her feel more relatable? #MarchToMay”

That’s all. Nothing more.

We want to be a writing community. We want to help writers of all ages do better, write more, go farther. So, please consider allowing your child to participate. It will be a rewarding experience.

Scribe On!

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