For the March Into May Writing Challenge I decided to write a little word picture. It’s kind of like a mixture between poetry and a short story. So, what are you working on?

You by Brett Galen

From the day you were born I saw you

Your eyes, your face, your little hands and feet

Your tiny tummy and your small round face

I couldn’t stop looking at you

When you started walking I watched you

What you started touching, where you explored

What captured your attention, what you wanted

I couldn’t stop looking after you

When you started school I kept up with you

Your grades, your friends, your skills

What you started making, how you began growing

I couldn’t stop watching you

When you started driving I trusted you

Where you went, who you spent time with

What you listened, watched, enjoyed

I secretly kept up with you

When you began living on your own I wondered about you

Were you eating, sleeping, staying warm

How you spent your money, your time, how you used your talents

I wanted to find out about you

Now I am unable to care for myself I need you

I want to keep looking at you

I want to keep listening to you 

I want to keep talking to you

I love


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