If you have joined the March Into May Writing Challenge, the first step is to pick your story. But sometimes your heart isn’t in your current story. Or maybe you’ve been wanting to write poetry, or songs, or word pictures. You may have wanted to start journaling. But what should you write.

It doesn’t matter, just write.

I know, I know. That’s too simple. Well…yes it is. It is too simple. But sometimes that’s exactly where we need to start.

You want to write poetry? Start writing. It doesn’t matter if it is in Iambic Pentameter. It doesn’t matter if it symbolizes anything. The truth is, some people make things TOO complicated and ruin enjoyable things for the rest of us.

Okay, so you may not be the next Maya Angelou. So what? Why not be the first you? But to do that you have to find out what you are good at. And to do that, you have to write.

Write. If it’s junk, then it’s junk. But once in a while you will see something amazing come from your writing, something you are proud of, something that feels like….you. So, write.

In the coming days I will post ideas on everything from poetry to word pictures to stories to novels. Maybe I can help. Maybe you can help me.

So the question. What should you write? Grab a keyboard or a pencil and let’s find out.

I’m rooting for you.

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