Shortcut to THE RULES

  1. Pick your story. It could be something you’ve been waiting to work on. It could be a sequel. It could be a new adventure. Fact or Fiction. Just find that one story you’ve been itching to tell.
  2. 61 days. That’s it. 61 days to plot, plan, and tell your story. No, you probably won’t write the Great American Novel during this challenge. Stretch yourself a little. You are a writer. So Write!
  3. Check in using #MarchToMay Share your progress. Ask for help. No, you don’t have to give us a word count every day. That is a complete waste of your writing time. But keep us all updated. We want to know if things are going smoothly. But we also want to help if you need an idea or could use a fresh perspective.
  4. May 1st, come back and post your progress. Finished? Great! Still working on it? Wonderful! Are you going to post your story on your blog? Post a link! We want to read it. Are you going to publish? Awesome, share your title and author name so we can find you.

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