Now. Terms of Payment. Yay.

ACX gives authors an opportunity to pay Narrators TWO ways. One, Pay Per Finished Hour, and Royalty Share.

Paying for the narration outright leaves all future profits to me, and to ACX since I will only get 40% of my future profits. This means putting the cost up front, which can get expensive. But in the end, if it becomes a best seller, I get it all and no unseen future charges.

Royalty Share means splitting all of my future profit down the middle between me and my narrator – 20% – 20%. This takes all the upfront cost away from the author (me), but it puts all the upfront costs on the Narrator. ACX does give the opportunity to use both Royalty Share and PPH, which might sweeten the pot for some Narrators, allowing them to absorb some of the upfront costs.

As an author, unless you have already sold 100,000 books, DO NOT PICK ROYALTY SHARE only. Why do I say that?

Simply take a few minutes and look through YouTube videos featuring ACX Narrators. The amount of time it takes to produce a finished hour of straight vocal recording is astounding. They do not just pick up a mic and start talking. Their equipment costs money. Their studio costs money. And many of these amazingly talented people have jobs and *gasp* lives.

Many of these Narrators have been scammed a time or two as well. So, unless you can guarantee them a stream of income that will pay them back for all their work, I wouldn’t pick Royalty Share only.

Also, ACX does not take your payment and give it to your Narrator. You will need to agree to terms of payment such as Paypal, Venmo, or even just sending them a check. Some will accept credit card payments as well.

Once your Narrator accepts your offer and your deadline, you are off and running.

Next Article: Hurry Up and Wait!

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