As a self-published author, I look for new income streams from my books. As writers know, there are some people who will never read anything except a physical book and there are some who would rather read on their E-device. But there is an under-appreciated group of readers, the Audio book listeners.

Audio books are a wonderful way to still be involved in new and exciting stories from favorite authors without having to stop and focus 100% on words. Audio books allow readers to be immersed in stories while running on a treadmill, or riding in a car, or eating lunch at work, or flying in a plane, riding on a train, or even relaxing while soaking up some sun outside. And this is how we get to ACX.

ACX is an Amazon company that opens the door for voice actors (narrators) and self-published authors (producers) to interact and contract with each other to create a new market opportunity. It allows authors to offer their books to a new market and it allows voice actors the opportunity to build their body of work.

I first heard about ACX when I saw a vidcast from Jenna Moreci, author of “The Savior’s Champion,” talk about her own experience using the service and I thought I’d check into it.

Over the next few posts, I will detail my own journey through the Audio book creation process using ACX. The reason I want to bring this up is very simple: This process is easy to do, but hard to go through. If you are considering ACX for your self-published work, I will help remove the stars from your eyes and help you see the process clearly and soberly.

Thank you for reading!

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