Writers always have a favorite author, or a person who guided them along the way. So, I thought I would share some of my own inspirations with you.

Ray Bradbury – The Martian Chronicles. Okay, if you’ve ever read these you understand my Mysteries of the Dark series. Science fiction at its most unusual.

Frederik Pohl – The World at the End of Time. I was fascinated by this book which is like reading two separate, but interconnected books at the same time. Really out of the box thinking.

R.A. Montgomery – The Choose Your Own Adventure books. Have you ever thought that a character should have made a different choice? I have. These books gave me the idea that a story need not be limited to just one possible ending.

Frank Peretti – The Oath. Who knew that a Christian book could keep you awake at night? While showing the human-ness of the characters, I noticed that the story did not suffer by removing foul language and graphic depictions of sexuality. This made me think that you don’t have to be gritty to write a good story.

Tim LaHaye and Jerry B Jenkins – The Left Behind Series. There are very few people that didn’t get caught up in this series when it was being released. I was amazed at how a story about the end times could be serialized and character arcs that could last for several books.

Edgar Allen Poe – Talk about twisted! This man’s tragic life paved the way for horror writers everywhere.

e. e. cummings and T. S. Eliot – Again, out of the box thinking, but still incredible thinking.

Your Lie in April – Naoshi Arakawa. Okay, okay. I saw the Netflix version of this, but the raw emotion and strong story build to an amazing climax before, you know….

Jaz Primo – The Sunset Vampires series. One of the first authors I’ve had the pleasure of talking to on Facebook. Funny and enthusiastic in real life. The characters wormed their way into my thoughts. It is very much NOT Twilight, but still could easily be adapted for TV (Crossing fingers).

J. Leigh James – This is an author that I actually know. Her advice has been invaluable (that’s why I didn’t pay her) and her encouragement has been unwavering. Great Teen series “Wished” and “A Boy Named…” Check her out.

Fred Erick Shelton – This is another author that I actually know. He challenges me as a writer by saying encouraging things like, “I don’t get it,” and “What does that mean?” He has “Mysteries of the Heart” a completely original take on a love story. Soon he will come out with a collection of somewhat humorous short stories called “The Minibike Conspiracy” which has been out of print, but I am helping him get it back out on digital.

I know that this is a long list. Maybe you can check out a few of the authors that have impacted the way I think about writing. Don’t forget to comment on some of your own influences!

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