I found out that one of my books was sent to someone in prison. I think it’s cool that my stories could possibly brighten someone’s day, even if they are behind bars. But, it seems that after Amazon delivered the package and an official signed for it, the book suddenly “disappeared.”

There’s a lot that I could comment on. I could give the name of the facility, the officer who signed for the book, even the name of the prisoner, as well. I could talk about injustices done to prisoners behind bars, or I could talk about corruption among the workers at detention facilities. But instead of trying to rally the troops to start a letter campaign or making shirts and parading around the parking lot, I think I would like to give the official the opportunity to do what’s right. Even if they come up with something lame like “It was in the filing cabinet,” I’ll take it.

Because at the end of the day, we are all human. We all have temptations and philosophies and predispositions. But we are all on this ride together. Personally, I want this ride to be pleasant and enjoyable, especially with a good book.

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