The Moods

Lately, I have had great difficulty writing. I came down with a severe case of The Moods.

During the summer, work always increases along with frustration and mental exhaustion. Where many people recharge during the summer days, I don’t. Lately, I’ve found myself staring at my screen reading and re-reading words that I wrote months ago, then leaving them with no additions or improvements.

My reasons are both real and valid. The TV was too loud. My coffee just didn’t taste right. People were talking. The house was too quiet. The cats made a mess. See? All very real and valid reasons not to write.

Truthfully, I haven’t written because…well, I stopped caring about my stories. I have gone through a whole “should I or shouldn’t I write” phase. I’ve looked at my dismal sales numbers. I’ve looked at my reviews. I’ve not been inspired to add even one more thing to my stories. So I stopped.

Instead, I attempted to nourish my soul by trying to learn ASL (American Sign Language) using Dr. Bill Vicars’s ASLU online videos. I have no idea what I am doing, but learning to communicate with people who have no one to communicate with, is inspiring.

I am currently on the way out of The Moods. I am re-examining Desiree’s Chance, The Stranded, Cafe of Dreams, and the Mage Destinies: Plight of the Eidolon. I promise that by Year’s End at least two of these will be finished and out for you.

But until then, banish The Moods, and Scribe On!


I got my first really bad review this week. Yep. It finally happened. Now I know that I am a real author, I have a hater!

Of course, I am playing this off a little, but I thought it was a great opportunity to explain how I see reviews.

Many people like things but never leave a review. They never explain how they feel about potato chips, colas, comforters, etc. on the product page. If they like it, they tell their friends.

Reviews are for people who have a very emotional connection or reaction to the product that they feel needs to be heard by more people. This can go very well or very badly. But knowing that you’ve made a strong emotional connection to a reader is something writers long for, good or bad, because it allows writers to experience feedback. Real, honest, feedback.

I am not happy with my review, don’t get me wrong. I want to explain, correct, and rebut a few things, but I won’t. Not here. Not anywhere. Why? Because regardless of the content of the review, it is still a connection to a reader. Not a good one, but a real one. And in my world of make believe characters and plots, it’s what I value most.

Scribe on!

Did You Know…

Today marks the anniversary of Sally Ride’s launch into space. Think about it, strapping yourself into a tiny capsule and sitting on a controlled explosion and escaping the atmosphere to float effortlessly in space.

I know we all wish we could escape the hardships of our world and have nothing weighing us down. But Sally didn’t just hitch a ride into outer space to float. She left the earth to continue her work as a physicist. In particular, she operated the robotic arm, releasing satellites into specialized orbits.

The truth is everyone has things going on in their lives that weigh them down. And from others’ perspectives, maybe things seem a little better – the grass always seems greener on the other side. But, we’ve all got a job to do. We’ve all got people counting on us. We can’t just float around, there are kids we need to teach. There are parents we need to assist. There are neighbors we need to help.

It’s okay to reach for the stars, as long as you remember that there’s still work to do.


I’m sorry, I know it’s been a while. I have recently fallen in love, with writing short-reads. After Verity’s Sunset’s incredible responses, I have a few more short romances up my sleeves, perfect for an afternoon or a relaxing vacation or a mid-day getaway. I have two more babies, “Desiree’s Chance” and “Café of Dreams.” Soooo, keep your eyes peeled for the new stuff.

What’s Next?

Following the incredible response I’ve received from Verity’s Sunset, I thought you might like to know what’s next…

Lately, I have been trying my hand at different genres. I still have projects in the works, (my mind looks like a junkyard with all my projects). Just to let you know what I am working on.

Endless Summer Romance – I have a story I am playing around with called Desiree’s Chance. It’s about two co-workers and a new dating app. Too much to say here. I expect I’ll have it out in about a month.

The Mage Destinies 2 – Boy did I step into it here. How do you follow up such a successful story, by telling Petunia’s story of identity exploration. And what is Bradley up to…..?

The Stranded – A story that I started and trashed then started then trashed and now it doesn’t look anything like it did when I started, um, the first time. Futuristic thriller, a new attempt for me, which means I need to work on a new writing style.

Mysteries of the Dark 3 – A collection of Twilight Zone type short stories that are entertaining and perplexing.

And my personal project, one that is dear to my heart – Applesauce. (Shhhhh!!!!! Don’t tell them about that one!) Oh, um, just ignore that last one. (hee, hee)

I hope you will join me for the ride. It may take a bit to get some of these to market, but I hope you will enjoy them.

Thank you all for your support.

The Finish Line!

Today is May 1st officially ending the March Into May Writing Challenge. Congratulations on your efforts and progress!

BUT, don’t think that this is really over. No, you keep going! Keep writing. Keep creating. Express those thoughts in your journal, finish that love story, comment on today’s current state, write those word pictures.

These are the projects that have been birthed from the Challenge:

Sweet Insanity by J. Leigh James

Oblivion’s Kiss by Brett Galen

Verity’s Sunset by Brett Galen

Next year let’s aim for more. But for now…..

A NEW CHALLENGE to be listed soon…..

Shout Out to John C.

The one complaint that we writers all share is that no one gives us feedback. Well, shout out to John C for sending me a detailed message with some very good critique and helpful advice! John, glad to have helpful words of encouragement.

Just for that, I am making Verity’s Sunset AND Oblivion’s Kiss available for FREE on Friday the 24th!

Scribe On!

Verity’s Sunset

This March Into May Writing Challenge has been amazing! Not only was I able to bring out Oblivion’s Kiss, but I also ran another short story, Verity’s Sunset – a romance about a high school photographer who meets a spunky, outspoken student and they begin a quest to find the perfect sunset together.

You can find it here:

Just like Verity’s perfect sunset, the writing challenge is about to close. I will be sending badges to everyone who participated shortly. I hope your writing, journaling, poetry, word pictures, or however you chose to engage your talents and imagination, has been enriching and rewarding.

Until next time, Scribe On!

Home Stretch

We are now half-way through the March Into May Writing Challenge. What a month it has been!

I know that life may be throwing you a number of curveballs right now, so do your absolute best to make it to the end of every day. But don’t give up on your dreams, either.

If you haven’t been able to write, journal, sketch or anything else, we completely understand. But when you have the time, Scribe On!

March Into May Writing Challenge Update

Thank you to everyone who is participating in the Challenge. As you know we are only one month into this. But I wanted to give you an update on my own progress.

When I started on March 1st I had a short story in mind, Oblivion’s Kiss. I had already created a cover (that’s how I encourage myself) and a rough idea. Now, thanks to the challenge, it is available to read on Amazon. But I didn’t stop there.

I have a project that I have been working on, the sequel to the Mage Destinies. I had a lot written, but these last few weeks, I have been writing and rewriting, erasing and revising. As of right now, I have 28 thousand words. I have a feeling this one may be longer than the original.

So, right now I am writing a death scene. (Spoiler Alert) Here it comes. If you don’t want to know skip this paragraph. Tom’s mother succumbs to her cancer. This is a difficult passage for me because my Dad is not in the best of health right now.

So, keep on writing. If you are locked indoors, this is a good time to write. If you are a healthcare worker, you may not have time to write, but if you want to record some quick thoughts, try using Google Docs. You can access your files from your home computer, your phone, your tablet.

I chose March through May because it is the most difficult time to write to encourage other writers not to give up. I had no idea exactly how difficult it would be.

Don’t give up. Keep the faith. Hang in there. And Scribe On.